As a rule, the vastness of the Internet is full of articles like: "Five reasons to lose weight", "Ten reasons to become slim." And today we will find 15 reasons not to lose weight. And if you really like them, then do not lose weight, but do not take this all as a guide in order to get fat. Just laugh with us. So, if I lose weight, then … I will have to change my entire wardrobe, which is expensive and time-consuming. In transport, they will not give me second place (I will fit in one).

I will become less visible in the photo, and someone more "weighty" than me will attract all the attention. In Africa, they will definitely not marry me now (there, the bigger the bride, the more in demand she is). They will no longer perceive me as a good person — there should be a lot of him, and I will become less if I lose weight. I will no longer feel safe (they will pester me more often — I won't be big). Loss of volume will make me look less reputable and my career will decline. I won't be able to do my favorite sport — sumo.

I will age faster (thin people have less fat and wrinkles appear faster). The neckline of my dress will be less peeped, as its contents will look less appetizing. I will be more cold. I will never get the title of "Beauty Queen" in Thailand (there my new size will not be in the price). My bed will stop creaking from my weight. But I used to fall asleep under the creak of my furniture, and now insomnia awaits me. I will not qualify for the Plus size model (the podium will remain only in dreams), and "The Fatties Show" will also have to do without my presence. My man will leave me, because he prefers fatties. Well, if these are not your reasons to be fat, then … run to the gym!